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Tube Forming & Fabrication – OEM Tube Assemblies
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OEM Tube uses CNC tube bending equipment to provide precise repeatable bends.  Our engineering team evaluates the customer’s requirements to determine the appropriate equipment and bend program.  OEM utilizes a rotating head bender to more efficiently process tube bends.  Various end forma and sizing operation are available.  In addition, OEM can provide both flat and conical end spinning for header and other requirements.  To support more complex assemblies, OEM can also provide hole punch and collar / extrusion processes.

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Bending Process

 Mandrel, Mandreless

End Form Shapes

Expansion, Crimp, Bifurcation, Reduction,  End Spin (with/without hole),  Flare, Double Flare,  Saddle, Bead, Notch, Dimple

Outside Diameter

0.093 to 3.625 Inch

Wall Thickness

0.017 and Up

Tube Materials






Tube Type

Can process from straight lengths or Level Wound Coils

Standard Tolerance

Tube Bending – ± 2°  Linear ± 0.030

Order Quantity

Consult Factory – Minimum order quantities depend on availability of material and customer requirements

Lead Time

2 – 4 Weeks; Allowing for print/spec review and depending on availability of materials

Industries Served