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Spun Copper Strainers & Accumulators – OEM Tube Assemblies

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems frequently utilize accumulators and strainers. As a result, OEM Tube Assemblies manufactures a line of spun copper accumulators and strainers as specified by our OEM customers.

Accumulators have no internal screen and function to allow the refrigeration system to expand and condense as necessary. Accumulators manufactured by OEM Tube Assemblies all utilize alloy UNS C12200 refrigeration grade copper manufactured to ASTM B75, B251. Spun copper accumulators manufactured for refrigeration applications are washed after fabrication to meet our customer’s cleanliness requirements. All accumulator and strainer components and fabrication are sourced in the US.


Various inlet and outlet inside diameters can be specified. Please consult OEM Tube to discuss the exact requirement and availability of tooling to accommodate customer requirements.

Accumulators are available in a wide variety of OD and wall combinations. The following sizes are currently tooled and available from OEM Tube Assemblies :

.875    OD X .032 Wall

1.00    OD X .025 Wall

1.125   OD X .035 Wall

1.1875 OD X .035 Wall

1.25     OD X .035 Wall

1.375   OD X .035 Wall

1.625   OD X .035 Wall & .042 Wall

2.00    OD X .035 Wall, .042 Wall, & .055 Wall

2.25     OD X .035 Wall, .042 Wall, & .055 Wall

Strainers are available and are the above accumulators with an internal 150 mesh phos bronze screen added to provide protection against foreign matter that may be present in the refrigeration system after start up or a field service call. OEM can provide UL certification should that be required by the customer.

OEM Tube Assemblies can manufacture an accumulator or strainer to meet our customer’s specifications. OEM can manufacture or modify tooling to meet new requirements.