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Spun Copper Drier – OEM Tube Assemblies

OEM Tube Assemblies, manufactures a variety of spun copper driers for use in fractional horsepower air conditioning and refrigeration applications. Driers removes moisture from the refrigerant flow and can serve the additional purpose of filtering larger foreign particles, preventing their passage beyond the filter drier. Driers utilizing copper as the body are resistant to corrosion and offer ease of installation due to the presence of a copper-to-copper braze joint. Both benefits can result in fewer leaks in the field.

OEM’s standard drier construction utilizes refrigeration grade copper with inlet and outlet manufactured to customer specifications, a baffle, press fit to hold the desiccant pack in place, molecular sieve, and a 150 mesh phos bronze screen. A variety of both single and bifurcated inlet and outlets are tooled. Please consult OEM Tube to determine current tooling capabilities. For higher vibration applications, a spring may be utilized between the inlet and baffle to provide additional stability for the desiccant pack.

Drier diameter and length can vary depending on customer specifications and the volume of desiccant required. OEM currently utilizes UOP XH-7, XH-9, and XH-11 desiccant material which is compatible with various refrigerants found in A/C or Refrigeration applications. Currently tooled body diameters are .74”, .75”, 1.0”, and 1.625”. All driers manufactured utilize a UL/CSA certification stamp and are burst tested at UL certified facilities.

All driers are manufactured in an environmentally controlled facility, capped on both ends, and placed in sealed containers to maintain desiccant integrity. All refrigeration grade copper is sourced in North America and all components are sourced in the US. These products are proudly Made In America.

All drier product details are in accordance with customer specifications. Please contact OEM Tube Assemblies to discuss product features not mentioned above.