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OEM Tube Assemblies manufactures a line of customer Serpentine and Helical Coils used primarily in Refrigeration applications. Serpentine coils can enhance refrigeration over wide flat surface areas, while helical coils find applications on both the evaporation and condensing side of the refrigeration cycle.

Currently OEM produces Serpentine Coils using .25″, .312″, and .375″ OD copper tubing. Each serpentine coils is custom by design. The OEM team works with the customer to ensure the most effective product application possible. Current tooled bend radii are shown below. Other radii can be tooled to meet your needs. All Serpentine and Helical coils are manufactured using copper tubing UNS Alloy C12200 manufactured to ASTM Specifications B75/B251/B743/B280, Stainless Steel  and Aluminum 3003.

OD Centerline Radii
.25 .375″ & .563″
.313 .5″ & .625″
.375 .71″ & .94″

Helical Coils can be manufactured using copper tube between .093″ OD and .625″ OD. The minimum helical coil ID is determined by the copper tube diameter and the amount of tube flattening allowed by customer specifications. Typically, smaller diameter copper tubes (.125/.187/.25) could have a minimum coil ID in the 1″ – 3″ range. Larger diameter copper tubes (.5″-.625″) will have a minimum helical coil ID greater than 4″ in diameter. The maximum coil diameter is limited only by the processing equipment. Currently, OEM manufactures helical coils with coil OD’s up to 15″ but could go up to 30″ should the application require.

OEM can manufacture helical coils with a variety of tube end treatments: swage, desize, and bends are several of the options available. OEM also has applications where helical coils are brazed together and shipped as a pair. Helical coils can be “single” or “double” wrap coils.

For Serpentine and Helical coils applications, please contact the OEM Tube Assemblies Sales department for assistance determining the product features available and potential options within OEM capabilities.