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Assembly & Braze – OEM Tube Assemblies

At OEM Tube Assemblies, our product capabilities reach far beyond supplying individual tubing components.  Part of our service to you as our customer is making it a mission to help you reduce your costs during installation.  What better way is there to reduce your assembly costs other than to reduce your assembly time.  How?  We can supply the assemblies.

Here are some Benefits:

  • Reduce connections and brazing during your installation.
  • Providing Leak Free sub-assemblies. Various forms of leak testing available:  Inert Tracer Gas, High Pressure Under-water, Pressure Decay, Hydrostatic
  • Repeatable fit-up.  The assembly and brazing process is performed using 3D CAD-designed fixtures that are built in-house to ensure your tolerances are held tight.
  • SKU reduction. Less part numbers for you to manage in your inventory and at point of use.
  • Assembly part numbers are Barcode Identified
  • Aesthetically pleasing; Our brazing uses Gasflux® to reduce oxidation for a clean appearance.
  • Reduce your braze alloys.

Here are some Examples:

  • 4-Way Expansion Valve Assemblies
  • Air Conditioning Headers and Manifolds
  • Compressor Connecting Tubes
  • Filter Drier Assemblies
  • Flow Control Assemblies
  • Refrigeration Headers and Manifolds
  • TXV Assemblies


Find out more advantages to having multiple subassemblies ready for your system as a Kit!